To make ends meet W rterbuch Englisch-Deutsch - Make the ends meet

How to Make Ends Meet. If you are among the majority of people living paycheck to paycheck, making sense of personal finances may be daunting. The first step to.

Make (both) ends meet Fig. To earn and spend equal amounts of money. (Usually in reference to a meager living with little if any money after basic expenses.) I have. The expression to make ends meet means to live within one s income. There is considerable doubt about where it comes from. English Verb. Make ends meet To have enough money to cover expenses; to get by financially; to get through the pay period (sufficient to meet the next. ). This Site Might Help You. RE: Is the phrase quot;Make ends meet quot; or quot;Make ends meat quot;? I 39;ve always kinda wondered about this. Make ends meet meaning, definition, what is make ends meet: to have just enough money to pay for the things that you need. Learn more. Englisch-Deutsch- bersetzung f r to make ends meet im Online-W rterbuch (Deutschw rterbuch).

Bersetzung f r to make ends meet im Englisch-Deutsch-W rterbuch. Manage so that one s financial means are enough for one s needs, as in On that salary Enid had trouble making ends meet. This expression originated as make both ends.