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A contestant in a popular South Korean reality TV show has been found dead on the set after reportedly hanging herself with the cord of a. South Korean broadcaster sbs has canceled popular dating show Jiak after a female contestant was found dead by suicide on-set. Korea s variety programs offer laughter to viewers throughout the week, whether. As with most of Korean variety shows, is that the staff (camera crew. With the exception of real life dating celebrity couple Hwang Jung Eum. ). South Korean dating show Jjak criticised after contestant Chun, 29, suicides. No pictures or vision of Chun have been released by the show. Korean broadcaster sbs has cancelled its dating reality show Jjak after a female contestant committed suicide. Dating shows don t have such a great rep stateside, but here in Korea, they re a sure-fired way to get attention and the all-too-desirable ratings. Dating Alone (Hangul:) is a South Korean reality variety show that premiered on February 1, 2015, where male guests participate in virtual dates. Television dating show Jjak under attack. By Kim Da-ye. Police began an investigation Thursday into the apparent suicide of a woman who.

Here are my favorite Korean variety shows from 2015 along with a few you. The hosts and guests help real people solve real dating problems! Virtual relationship shows like Dating Alone and Roommate are on a steady decline as Korean audiences tune in to programs like The.